• { Communication for Boarders }
Parents are requested not to contact the children on phone unless there is an emergency. They can convey the message only. Parents should write only postcards to their wards. Sealed envelopes will not be delivered to the students. Students will write to their parents every week. Parents are requested to provide self-addressed postcards, 30 in number, to their wards.
• { Cash and Valuables }
Students are not allowed to keep/bring camera, transistor radio, walkman,tape recorder, wrist watch, gold ornaments, cell phones or other valuable articles with them in the school / dormitories. Cash and valuables, if found with the students, shall be confiscated. However if the parents of boarders wish, they may deposit cash & camera in the school office under receipt. The student may take camera or cash while going on picnics/excursions/outings/tours. In no case the use of cell phone is permitted.
• { Parents & Visitors Not Allowed On Sundays }
Parents and visitors are not entertained on Sundays and holidays as the office remains closed on these days. Hence, parents and visitors are requested not to come on Sundays/holidays, unless especifically, requested by the school to come on a particular Sunday or a holiday, as in the case of school closing or reopening after holidays and on Annual Day or Annual Sports Day functions. Day Boarders' parents may meet the Principal /Headmistress between 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm only on Saturday.
• { Vacation Assignment }
The teachers will give home assignment to the students before Summer and Diwali vacations. The students must finish the task during their vacations and also prepare themselves fully for the examinations which commence soon after reopening.
• { Leaving School Early Before Vacations }
No student will be allowed to leave the school early before the vacations. They will leave only on the day of closing for vacation.
• { Medical Inspection }
Medical inspection of all the students is conducted on arrival at the school after holidays, leave and vacations. Please don't send your child to school if he is not well, especially, when he / she is suffering from some infectious disease. Please send an application for leave along with Medical Certificate of illness in such cases.
• { Withdrawal }
Parents desirous of withdrawing their children from school from the next academic session have to give a notice of withdrawal by 28 Feb of the previous academic year. In case the notice is received after 28th Feb the
caution money and the personal deposit (refundable) will be forfeited.