• { What makes Manav School so special ? }
Manav School has been carefully designed to meet needs of children coming from varied social, cultural and economic background. Each individual is treated as unique child-not as a group or class. They are not labelled as “Bad" or "Naughty". Learning maths is as important as drawing a picture. In a group there will be 30 students according to their age and learning ability. Groups are based on age, academic ability & skill in using language. The students' progress will be constantly monitored and effort grades will be awarded periodically. The teachers are affectionate, warm and caring. They are expert in child psychology and can handle young children well. The school will provide "Space" for self learning and self discipline. Much attention will be given to physical, cultural and spiritual education in order to help students adapt happily and more easily to the customs and routine of the best education system.
• { Campus }
The school is nestled in 26 acres sprawling verdurous undulating landscape from where one can see the mighty Narmada. It is located at Ranipura, 1 km away from the Bharuch-Rajpipla State Highway. The campus is free from the hustle and bustle of city life. The eco - friendly, Pollution - free environment, blooming flowers, lush green lawns and tall trees add to its beauty.
• { Hostel }
There is separate Hostel facility for boys and girls.
• { Food }
Pure vegetarian wholesome meals are provided in the school mess.