Inter House Rangoli Competition for Junior Wing -2010-2011

On 05th August’2010, Inter House Rangoli Competition was conducted for Classes III– VI..Freshers came out with creative designs & innovative ideas,as it was a first experience for them.The Programme was appreciated by all. The Judges were: Mr Kamlesh Hazra  Mr C M. Sharma, Mr Rakesh Barman, Mrs Mukta Dwivedi & Mrs Kanchan Roy.

Teachers Day Celebration

In order to mark respect towards teaching legendary Hero and role model character Dr. Radhakrishana, a colourful ceremony was organized in the school. The students posed teachers presented a rose bud to their teachers as a token of love and regard. All the students were enthusiastic to greet to their teachers from the very beginning of the schedule. All the teachers were given the relaxation from their busy resident staff duty and students themself owned the responsibility. The students were looking very cute in teachers get up. They taught the classes and maintained the discipline. In the morning assembly Mr. V.P. Sharma Vice Chairman, Mr. G.V. Sharma Adviser to Management & Principal Dr. Sanjeev Mainra acknowledged the sentiments of students and encouraged them in their speeches to be dynamic and simple in their life like Dr. Radhakrishnan. After festive lunch, a musical evening with a variety programme was held. A swimming championship was also conducted between teachers and students. All boarders and teaching staff greatly enjoyed the day.  

Gandhi Jayanti in M.K.G.M

On eve of the birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi & Lal Bahadhur Shashtri, a devotional and a great paying tribute assembly was conducted in M.K.G.M Kandari. The programme started with Deepprajvlan and prayer “Raghu Patti Raghav _ _ _ _’’ The life portrait of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was highlighted by students through speeches, plays, group song and bhajans. Dr. Sanjeev Mainra Principal laid the tributes by words “Besides Gandhiji leadership qualities are worth emulating if you want to be the successful and make the difference in your own as well as other people’s lives by Gandhigiri.” Inspired students took an pledge to follow the truthful path in different walks of life. The school management wished and congratulated to all Manaverians for this festival.

Dancing Buds in M.K.G.M Navratri Garba

Traditional folk dance ‘Garba” became the instrument for charging the boarders of M.K.G.M Kandari. It became more vital after completion of their examination and last day in school for Diwali break. The school administration made all requirable arrangement for this dance in a broad campus. By the evening time the Zenith reached on earth with the beats of music and flashing lights. All teachers accompanied their kids in the dance. Garba became more proud privilege for the kids of M.K.G.M after getting the prize winning achievement in International Folk Dance Competition at Shimla. The dancing buds appears to be confident and professional in their movement in Garba. It was an ultimate successful get together in school. Vice – Chairman Mr. V.P. Sharma shared his movement with M.K.G.M family. The programme concluded with the arti of Ambe Maa.


On 25th December evening, Christmas was celebrated in M.K.G.M campus. Start from the morning, each one cheerfully greeted every one “Merry Christmas!” School administration too did not lack behind in the celebration, who organized special candle light musical concert dinner. To mark more auspicious Christmas dinner, special ice – cream cups were distributed, which the students really enjoyed. After dinner, it was the time of get - together for cultural programme celebration. It was a pleasant surprise when so many young children posed as Shanta Claus entered on stage with the beats of music “Jingle bell – Jingle bell.” They really entertained every one. They distributed the sweets and made the smile on each faces. Miss. Ankita K. Roy a student of VIIth Std told everyone about the importance of “Christmas”. The Programme concluded after presentation of different Christmas songs and dances.

M. K.G.M Triumpth at Shimla

M.K.G.M Jubilient girls with Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh

Eagerness, happiness, curiosity, jubilation and excitement prevailed in Manav Kendra Gyan Mandir School Kandari when the news of result cracked in campus about the committed success of 12 girls who performed Gujarat traditional folk dance “Garba” in 14TH INTERNATIONAL WOMEN FOLK DANCE COMPETITION GAITY THEATRE IN SHIMLA. Before departure these participants and team manager very confidently expressed satisfaction for the preparation while talked to media correspondents. The students stayed at Shimla from 28th September 2010 to 03rd October 2010. They performed different performances upon stage, upon road and in procession. They had an group song presentation also on concluding day. Total 87 teams of different schools & colleges from India and abroad participated. M.K.G.M girls determinded about Gujarat Heritage greatly bloomed in Shimla. Their great effort and sincerity became fruitful when chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal invited them to receive the third place trophy. In jubilation all M.K.G.M participants rushed to the stage to make it a life time memory. All government ministers, bureaucrats congratulated to them for the success. It was a unforgettable movement for them. They felt high esteem gems in a big sky. They kissed the stage and thanked to all mighty God for the great day.

In Manav Kendra campus on 05th Oct 2010, there was a busy session in the morning to welcome these students who reached by Paschim express. Teachers, students and management wished and congratulated them for this thumping success. The gold medal won by them, shined eyes, proud body language, self explained the triumpth of the students. In the morning assembly, each student was presented with “buka” and garland by Principal Dr. Sanjeev Mainra , followed by medal ceremony by Vice – Chairman.

The Vice – Chairman Mr. V.P. Sharma expressed great satisfaction of the achievements and blessed to every participant. He told that its not only proud for Manav Kendra Gyan Mandir School but whole of the Gujarat state.


On October17th & 18th an educative short tour to the city of Baroda was planned made with a vision to carry out the socio-economic survey on the under privilledged people living in socially and politically segregated area. This purpose was put up to take on the slum area of Mali Mahalo situated near Vishwamitri river, Munjmahuda, Baroda. Geography students  of Std – XII com & Sci prepared questionaries relevantly linking the concerned subject. There were two days spent and students cultivated the time not to value their work under the tutelage of Mr Tapan Kumar Jena (Geography teacher, Senior wing) The experience students have learnt from it is strongly believed that it would help them in future.


This industrial visit’s objective was to know about the enterprise, about their organising and co – ordination among the different departures.

On 17th July 2010 students of 12th Commerce had visited Jewel toothbrush company, Baroda. The main purpose to visit the company was to see their functions of management, escorted by Mr. Shankar G. Prabhu. This company consists of 4 plants i.e. different manufacturing departments, the most important thing we noted that there was a perfect co – ordination among.

workers manufacturing different qualities of toothbrush and different parts of brushes. This company exporting their toothbrushes to the countries like Germany, U.S.A and U.A.E.

Report on CBSE Group Mathematics Olympiad

A Group of 5 students ( 3 from XII Sci and 2 from XI Sci) Participated in CBSE Group mathematics Olympiad held in Navarachna Higher Secondary School Vadodara on 5th Dec, 2010. These students were escorted by our PGT Math Mr C B. Garg. Mathematics Olympiad in a major event conducted by CBSE.  Every year our students are participating in this events under the guidance of our maths teacher Mr C B. Garg. Before departuring from the school Mr C B. Garg had given them some  tips to solve the questions quickly and correctly.