• { As outlined in a speech given by His Holiness Sant Kripal Singhji for seekers of Truth }
The first and foremost purpose of human life is to have full knowledge of one’s own self, Our soul. It is the only agency through which we can come in contact with both the creator and the creation. This enables us to enjoy the blessings of God in our life time. We will also find all matter and energies at our disposal and obedient to our will. We will become the masters of our mind and will be able to control all its regions, putting them to our service. This will enable us to lead our lives at the highest level and to be with God in His Holy Kingdom for eternity. As per Manu Smriti, the first twenty years of human life are devoted solely for finding God. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God......after having come in contact with God we find our lives taken care of most wonderfully by God Himself and henceforth we live eternally in Him.
When we cast-off the physical body we will merge with Him, who is an unending ocean of peace, perfection, bliss, glory, life, light, joy etc. Thus, the very purpose of human life is achieved ending all efforts and all struggles, leaving for us only the peace that passed all undertaking. In the book of Revelation it is very clearly stated that after we have found God in this body which is His tabernacle, we are in a state when God will wipe out all our tears. There will be no sorrow nor pain nor misery nor suffering nor death as of yore.